Daily Prompt: Reservation

via Daily Prompt: Reservation

The Waakye Reservation

The mountain air smelled fresh and crisp with hints of coal from the burning coal pots of neighbours rising into the cool morning air. The mountains were a sight to behold early in the mornings. The locals had come to know of this quaint town as “little London”. Dufie always liked waking up to these mornings; the fog of the morning that settled as a blanket upon the residents, the cool air that seemed to wrap itself around her when she stood by the open window in her bedroom, the crow of the cock waking up the residents every morning and just staring into the mountainous horizon every waking day of her life. But this particular morning, she was in a hurry; in a hurry like the bouncing white rabbit. There was no time to spare, no time to stop and smell the crisp air, to greet and talk to the old ladies who came to the house to buy bread like she did every morning.

Today she needed to get to the communications center, and fast. She couldn’t afford to wait in the long que that was always assembled in front of the center. She needed to be the first in line when its doors opened. She needed to find out if it had arrived. Today was the day the invites were to come in and she couldn’t wait to find out if she had been invited to the feast. The buzz had been going round the village for months now and everyone was anticipating its arrival.

The arrival of restaurateur magnate Daniel Adu Nyarko into the small town of Apirede Akuapem to build a restaurant had sent shock waves through the town. Everybody and anybody who knew Daniel Adu Nyarko knew of his importance and his significance to the restaurant world. Daniel Adu Nyarko was very selective of who he associated with and who he worked with. He was very attractive to the eye but very cautious of the men and women he associated with. The restaurant business was a very cut throat venture in Ghana. He was one of the few men who had been blessed to make it through that venture. He never liked to impress and as such, most people over looked him whenever he was out and about without his entourage. Most people at first sight found it difficult to believe he was the owner of such lucrative ventures. At a young age, he’d found himself on the streets of Accra fending and fighting for himself. What should have been his had been taken by his father’s people but he did not let that deter him.

This new building in the mountains was very dear to his heart and he wanted to celebrate it with the people of the town. In less than two weeks, the building would be completed and he would be dedicating it to his mum. The invitations had gone out two days ago. All he had to do was find out about the number of people coming from Abena his organizer and he would set things rolling he thought as he drove to the building site. His mind occupied with the upcoming events, he was surprised when he saw the figure run in front of the car. He immediately hit the brakes and honked on the car horn. He was ready to throw some insults at the offender when she turned around and shouted “Will you watch where you’re going” and walked off. He sat and watched her disappear in the direction of the communications center then he drove off.

Twumasiwaa was still shaken when she got to her destination. “What a way to start the morning” she said to herself. She had been so preoccupied with the invitation coming in that she had not bothered to check before crossing the road. She could still hear the screeching wheels and horn going off. As much as it had been her fault, she blamed the driver behind the wheels for not looking where he was going. As she rounded the corner to the center, she saw Mr Alfred opening the doors. She run to the entrance just as he stepped in. “Good morning Mr. Alfred”. He quickly turned around surprised there was someone at the door that early. “Good morning Twumasiwaa, how are you?” “I’m surprised to see you here this early” he said. “You are normally here in the afternoons. Hope all is well”. “All is well uncle, I have a full day today so I decided to stop by and check on a couple of things”. “Okay, you can use any of the computers, I still have to get a few things done before the regulars start coming in”. “Okay, thank you”.

Twumasiwaa chose a spot in the corner and settled down. She didn’t want anyone disturbing her until she was done. She quickly moved to the back and settled in the spot she had chosen. Once the computer was on, she proceeded to open her Gmail account. Gmail was now the “it thing” to have. Blank! no new email. She checked the junk box, nothing! How was this possible? Every one of her friends had received an invitation and had RSVP to secure their reservation. The menu sent out to those who had confirmed was exquisite, she had been told by Naana. Disappointed, she closed the email and went up to Mr. Alfred to pay. As she came out of the center, she met Abena. “Hi Abena” “Hi Twumasiwaa” “What are you doing here this early morning?” “I came to check on a couple of things. I’m heading home now”. “How is the organizing coming along?” “It’s coming along well. I have to get going, the boss is waiting for me”. “Okay, take care”.

As Abena went on her way, she couldn’t help but laugh at Twumasiwaa. This was her chance and she was going to make sure Twumasiwaa did not make it to the event. This was one reservation her friend would have to do without she thought, proud of how things were going.


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Find out in the next chapter of “The Waakye Reservation” if Abena is able to keep Twumasiwaa from getting an invite to reserve her seat.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.












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